The Three Realms of UAE

Aside from hardened disbelievers, Abu Dhabi and Dubai ought to mesmerise one and all with their charm and beauty. These cities of UAE are known not only for luxurious hotels like the Emirates Palace but also for their thrilling and wide array of adventure sports. These places offer once in a life time experience of exhilarating adventures like sky-diving, balloon ride, desert safari etc. Skydiving near the Palm Jumeirah and balloon adventure are two of the most sought after activities in Dubai. Read more [...]

Munich’s top beerhalls

The city of Munich is one of the most iconic locations in Europe, and has in fact hi-jacked many people's perceptions of German culture. The truth is, however, that Bavaria actually has its own very distinct heritage and traditions that are markedly different from the rest of Germany, so coming here guarantees a truly unique travel experience. Of course, among Munich's top attractions is the enormously popular Oktoberfest, which takes place annually over the last three weeks of September and is Read more [...]

Avoiding soggy mishaps in Cork

It can be a little disappointing when you touch down at Cork Airport to see there are rain clouds overhead. Fear not, pick up your Auto Europe hire car and stay dry while heading into the city. Once you have reached your destination you will find there is plenty to keep you occupied even if the rain continues to fall. Crawford Art Gallery Art galleries make great wet weather attractions and it is therefore wonderful that Cork's Custom House was turned into one in 1830. This stunning building Read more [...]

Bargaining in Barcelona: Top tips for travelling cheap

Barcelona is one of the most magnificent cities in Spain, and a crown jewel of European travel. It’s bright, bold and brilliant, bursting at the seams with art, culture and music. There’s no denying that as with all such wonderful places – it can come with a price tag. But, that doesn’t mean travelling to Barcelona with a budget will limit you, far from it in fact. You’ll find that some of the best bits of Barcelona are actually free, and here's a snippet of some of them. (Image source Read more [...]
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